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Clinical Pilates – How does it improve function

Clinical pilates is a form of pilates that is run by a health professional who tailors an exercise regime specific for individual needs. This type of pilates focuses on posture, flexibility, core strengthening, balance, control and breathing. Participants can range from young children to elderly patients. Each individual will benefit for their specific needs through various exercises that can be used through the reformer/other equipment.

Pilates has been shown to have a wide range of benefits:

  • Improves your overall health: Clinical pilates has been shown through studies to improve heart health, mental health, sleep quality and a lower body fat mass index through various groups.
  • Improves core stability/pelvic floor strength: This is essential for pre and post natal individuals who are susceptible to low back pain. Pilates helps target these muscles with minimal load/pain.
  • Effective rehabilitation for pre/post surgery: Because pilates is so versatile in terms of exercises/equipment use, there are many variations that can be tailored to a patients needs whether they’re preparing for surgery or if they’re in the early stages of post-surgical rehab. Progressing and regressing exercises can be easier for patients through clinical pilates.
  • Injury prevention: Muscle imbalances, weakness and tightness can be a huge precursor to musculoskeletal injury. Clinical pilates will help improve strength, correct imbalances and improve joint/muscle flexibility to assist in preventing any possible injuries through sport/daily function.

At Physiofit SWS, we run a series of pilates exercise classes which tailor both daytime and evening classes. If you feel that you would benefit from clinical pilates, please call one of our clinics today and we are more than happy to give you more information!

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