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Clinical Pilates

As Physiotherapists, we often get asked “What is the difference between Clinical and regular Pilates?”. While both types may use either equipment or mat work, there are several importance differences between the styles. 

Gym instructors typically run regular pilates . The exercises are not tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and there are often many people in a class. This means that it is difficult for the instructor to ensure proper technique or to give options for specific conditions, making it inappropriate for people with injuries or special requirements.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates on the other hand, is run by qualified physiotherapists or exercise physiologists who have underwent training of the human body and who specialise in injury management and prevention. Prior to participating in a class you will be thoroughly assessed by an experienced trained physiotherapist. 

This will ensure that all your exercises are tailored to your specific needs. This is particularly important for anyone with a history of injuries, as certain exercises may aggravate particular conditions if not completed correctly. During a clinical pilates class your Physiotherapist will constantly monitor your technique and, where necessary, progress your exercises.

Clinical Pilates​ is practiced at our Moorebank clinic. 

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